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Search engines work like the following: Once you enter a query, the search engine indexes your search and, once it has all the results you need, it returns a web page containing all of the websites it found. However, this page is not stored in the engine's server. To make the search engine generate a new page, you need to... (View Full Article)

What is the Gab Browser Alias Combobox? In simple terms, it is a box located at the top of the Gab Browser that lets the user quickly go to popular websites that you might visit every day, and for the funkier users, a way to quickly check into SAMTIME in every single source there is. Also commonly referred to as the "Sh... (View Full Article)

Why did we remove Bing™'s logo from our browser? To put it simply: Since it's too much of a hassle to get ourselves a license to use the logo in our app, we've decided it was just easier and way less risky to just flat out REMOVE the bing logo and search. Because of this, starting from Gab Browser 1.9, we will be removing... (View Full Article)