1.8 Release notes

Account selection

Transparent Icons

New bookmarks system

Create/Modify bookmarks panel

"Refurbished" offline page

Shortened tab titles

Unshorten button

New features

  • There are now user accounts with different cookies saved (although the same settings are shared);
  • While downloading files, there will now be a visible progress bar to let you know if it's done or the progress of the download.;
  • Interface Icons are now transparent;
  • Bookmarks now contain the titles of the webpages and are editable
  • Dark theme now influences the purple header of the browser;
  • The Fullscreen mode will now mirror an open tab;
  • All tabs are now shortened to 50 characters. However this option can be bypassed with an option in the right-click menu;
  • Offline page slightly changed;
  • The New Tab page can now be set to nothing if desired;

Bugs / Issues fixed

  • We fixed the very annoying bug were if you were doing something in the Gab Browser it could just stop and tell you that the browser was offline
  • After the tab is closed, the active tab becomes previous tab;
  • More URL prefixes (as we like to call them, the "HTTPS://" part);
  • Cache can now be TRULY deleted;
  • Yes, we fixed the Bookmark opening bug, stop telling us about it! (jk)

Gab Browser 1.8.1

Added Visual C++ 2015 redistributable to the pack