1.7 Release Notes

Fullscreen Window

New Menu Icons

Element Tooltips

New URL only mode

New Settings/Setup Panel

New Features

  • The Gab Browser now downloads content when requested
  • Many more options when right-clicking the browser
  • Introducing the Offline Page, which displays when you're offline
  • Introducing the Settings panel, for setting up your browser and changing your settings easily - NOTE: Some menu options were transferred from the main menu to the new panel due to this change
  • Introducing the Fullscreen Mode, a browser window you can create to watch content without borders
  • Search bar can now be turned into a secondary URL bar
  • Switching from Funky Combobox mode to Regular Combobox is now available as an option
  • The browser's main elements now have tooltips for clearing up what their function is

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the change of a webpage would cause the browser to wipe out the url bar's content even when selected. Now it only wipes out content when not selected
  • Fixed issue where the Search Customizer would check the "add prefix" box if the default prefix wasn't located in the search URL automatically
  • Search button in line with text box (for a better aesthetic)