1.5 Release notes

New Features

  • Instead of only one Chromium tab, now the whole browser is based on Chromium
  • Action buttons now change artwork while the mouse is hovering in them
  • Browser now constantly checks for internet connectivity
  • New debug form (unsupported, use of it may cause a crash)
  • Cookies and other browser cache are now saved on the Gab Browser folders
    • On that note, we've also added an erase button where the browser will "erase" your cookies and cache. (NOTE: The Gab Browser doesn't erase the cookies, but instead assigns a new folder for saving them. This is because the cached data is stored in the same folder as the browser itself)
  • Introducing Incognito mode, where you can browse the web without saving data!
  • Introducing the Brand-New Dark theme wallpaper for the Hub Page! Activate it in the [⁝] menu
  • Brand new plus tab added.
  • New Keyboard shortcuts for:
    • Opening a tab (CTRL+T)
    • Closing a tab (CTRL+W)
    • Opening a new window (CTRL+N)
    • Opening a new incognito window (CTRL+SHIFT+N)
    • Adding the tab to Bookmarks (CTRL+D)

WARNING: These shortcuts do not work completely and require the tab to be in focus instead of the browser control, which means that you will have to click the tab title before entering a shortcut (a limitation of the Chromium engine we are using).

Bug Fixes

  • Bookmarks viewer now closes when you click the "Open Webpage" button
  • Minor search button bug fixed so that now it works instead of just searching for "Type your URL here!"