1.10 Release notes

End of life release

After Gabs Incorporated announced their shutdown, the developers knew that the Gab Browser needed at least a minor bug-fixing release, due to its incompleteness. Therefore, we assembled a crack team of engineers with the simple task of figuring out what's making the browser so unusable and fixing it. And we've done it! We can now squeeze one last release before our company shuts down and development stops forever.


Visual C++ "15" installs properly

That's right! You don't have to click on a separate file first anymore! Just by launching Setup, you can get Visual C++ "15" (a main requirement) installed!

Favicon loading isn't frustrating anymore!

This is a big one - Thanks to multithreading, favicons now load and don't freeze the browser while they're doing it!

You now can hold down buttons

Thanks to an improved texture pack, you can now hold down buttons and they SHOW THAT!

New "Gab Browser help" menu option

Clicking this new button brings you to the help articles on the Gab Browser website

Offline Screens now show up properly

We had to remove them from the last release because they were buzzing people and showing up even though things were online, and it didn't support some websites, etc. so we fixed that (hopefully) and made it appear when it should!

Updated Chromium

The Chromium inside the Gab Browser has now been updated to the newest release! That's right: Google will stop begging you to update your browser if you...update your browser!