Change the Search Engine

Using a Preset

If your search engine of choice is one of the following:

  • Google™
  • Bing™
  • Yahoo™
  • DuckDuckGo™
  • Ecosia™

Then, just open the settings panel and under the PRESETS combobox, select the search engine you wish to use

Changing things yourself

It's a bit more complicated, but you can set your own search engine in the Gab Browser too

Basic search terms (in case of troubleshooting)

The format & How to "generate" a search URL

How the search engine works

Search engines work like the following: Once you enter a query, the search engine indexes your search and, once it has all the results you need, it returns a web page containing all of the websites it found. However, this page is not stored in the engine's server. To make the search engine generate a new page, you need to send a bit of text to the servers that tells them that:

  1. You want to search something;
  2. What you want to search.

The format

Without considering all of the other components, a basic search URL is represented below:

We can break the URL down to the following components:

https://www.[Search Engine].com/[Query Prefix][Query]

You can look at how a search is represented in the engine of your choice, but most of them follow the example shown. To create/generate a URL, just replace these terms with the ones your engine of choice will accept. Here are a couple more examples:

Please note that URLs don't normally use spaces, but you don't need to worry about that, because the Gab Browser already replaces them with their hexadecimal code (a.k.a. "%20") when you click "Search", even though browsers already convert special characters.

How to use set Custom Gab Browser search

Say you want to replace Bing with Google, to do that, follow the steps shown below:

Step 1 - Open the Gab Browser and open the Search Engine Customizer

Step 2 - Type your Search Engine URL as shown in the example and make sure "Include /search?q=" is checked

Now you have a tiny dilemma: Do you include an image of the search engine? or do you hide the image? It's better to have the image shown, so we will show you how you can go about doing that.

Step 3 - Obtain the image of your Search Engine of choice. You can do that by going to the homepage of it (or looking it up) and dragging the image out to your desktop

Step 4 - Once you have the image, Click "Browse", select it, then click "Open"

Step 5 - After verifying that the image is displaying in the preview, click "OK" and refresh the page. After that, you're done!


Remember: If you are having trouble while searching, it is probably because your engine's Query Prefix is different from the regular "/search?q=". To fix this, go to your Search Engine's web page and do a regular search. After that, take a look at the URL and find the bit of text that comes before every search. After you found it:

  1. Go back to the search customizer;
  2. Delete the regular prefix;
  3. Uncheck the box that adds the regular prefix;
  4. Add in the new bit of text we mentioned earlier.

The searching should work just fine after that.


Don't be discouraged to change the Search URL for yourself! If you have the time, read all of the information above, and you will become a pro at changing your search engine to whatever you would like! If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us via our email: