The Gab Browser

Being FUNKY now convenient!

Focused to be FUNKY

Made by Gabs Incorporated, The Gab Browser is a SAMTIME-themed web browser made to be as funky as possible. Powered entirely by Chromium, the Gab Browser is the one-stop shop to browsing the internet in a funky way!

If you want to be funky like our browser, check out SAMTIME!

Fast and simple

Our home page has a built-in customizable search bar! Feel free to change it to any other search engine though, trough our unpatented SEARCH CUSTOMIZER!!!

Customizable Search engine

Should I mention it again? You can change the search engine to whatever you want! To learn how, view our guide or just use the presets!

Easy Installation

Just download the ZIP file, unpack it, and then click "setup". The installation program will do it all for you.


  1. Our browser does not have a certificate installed, because have you seen the prices of one? It's crazy! Goes up to 300 dollars a year, and we don't have the budget for that! If you are downloading the program from or one of the Gab Browser redistributors, you can be sure it comes from Gabs Incorporated. However, keep in mind that we are still trying to obtain one in our budget. If you have any tips or services that you think we could afford, don't hesitate to contact us on the feedback form.
  2. Because of the reason above mentioned, Chrome and SmartScreen may think the program is dangerous, but we guarantee you that the Gab Browser does NOT have any sort of malicious code. If you're skeptical about running it, feel free to unpack the .exe file and take a look at the source code to see for yourself that there is no code in it that could harm your PC, ever. We suggest a program called dotPeek from JetBrains (no affiliation). Also, check it on to be sure
  3. Yes, the website is in the wrong color purple intentionally, because we feel like this shade better contrasts on this site. However, the browser itself is in the correct shade of purple.

This software includes software developed by The CefSharp Authors.