Our creations

The Gab Browser

Simple .NET Chromium web browser

GabScan Beta

Simple customer and business-oriented QR and bar code scanner

Gab OS 8

PowerPoint® OS by Gabs Inc. that made it only to Gablandish store shelves. Sold quite well, though


Short for "Samtime Funky Manual", was a guide on being Funky, however was discontinued

Gabs™ The Program

An attempt to make a version of Gab OS™ for Windows® without emulation that never took off

Gabs Inc. Error Generator

Generated vbs files that would give you message boxes. Doesn't work nowadays

The Gab's Game

Small clicking game about collecting money that went missing and nobody ever found a copy to play it

Never released to the public

Progressor Hub

Basic application themed around small applets loaded by progress bars. Contained the first verion of what would become The Gab Browser today

Gab Useless Notepad

Very basic application that only let you write some text, while mimicking an installer

Never finished


A proposed, improved sequel to the famous STFM software, adapted to modern standards.


A software that would let you call your own self in the past or future thanks to an innovative, but never opened landline service by TimeCall Corp., a now failed business